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 Server Updates

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PostSubject: Server Updates   7/30/2011, 11:34 pm

I'll just start posting here as I update the server...

  • Starter Quest done??? << Is this even something? ...
  • Wisconsin System Implement 100% working
  • Currency In-Place; Currency NPC in; Currency shops still need to be completed
  • All-In-One shop added ( Finally; I had to find all the ids which is probably the most boring thing in the world; as we only want level 1 - 50 items in it. )
  • VotePoint Npc added ( Though shops are limited; As i have no clue on what to put in them atm. More will be added post-finish of actual base source. )
  • Wedding System ( Ehh.. Not getting into too much detail; this is in no way at all like GMS; I don't want to go sniff packets from gms then revert them to v83... Also there are no v83 servers that i like out there so i can't sniff it from them either. So we'll stick with this... Basically it's just hi we is couple, we want marry, we do quests!, we has proof of loves, kthx, we have all friendz, kk start wedding!, everyone say yes, yeahyeah we married, 20 minutes in bonus exp map yeahhh, we get doubl exp in party on same map yeahyeah!, oh and we get couple rings!)
  • Occupations are in... we has Crafter, Hippie, Royalty and Ninja all with different unique abilities ( wow... i just remembered i rendered hippies useless with the potions update on AIO shop. ): )
  • Bow Tie System is in
  • Jump quest system is in ( With cheat prevention 4 those packet editors who think it's cool to make npcs at bottom of map to cheat out the server! Shame on you. )
  • Player Hangouts.....
  • Oh and when u get jailed u has timer/time so you get auto-warped out after time set by gm, so no more asking for unjail!
  • Item Gachapon is in.. It's a level 60, 70, 80, and 90 item for all classes, both male and female, for weapons, armours, and errr capes.
  • NxItem Gachapon is in... It's all the rareNX in one gachapon. Oh and you can get a random amount of nx from 1 - 30k ( It tends to go for the upper range for those feeling unlucky ) << These 2 suck like 4 - 5 hours of my life gone from finding ids. =[
  • Mount seller
  • Chair seller
  • Boss PQ ( well errr my version of it. Not gms-like. )
  • Belt System

Kay... now for some commands...

    @server - Says name and current build of server
    @commands/@help - Tells users how many pages of commands there are
    @commands1/@commands2 - Shows users player commands in-game
    @hideout - Brings you to guild hideout, if your guild has one
    @sethideout ( Guild owner only ) - Sets your guild hideout to map you are on
    @ranking - Shows top 10 players ( Ordered by rebirths )
    @checkallmail - Shows you all the mail you have receiven
    @checknewmail - Shos you mail you havn't read yet
    @sendmail - Sends the user a message, will receive once logged in or if already logged in
    @askout - Asks out the person ( Into a relationship )
    @accept - Accepts a relationship request
    @decline - Declines a relationship request
    @breakup - Breaks up with your boyfriend/girlfriend ( Only works if they are online )
    @leaverelationship - Leaves relationship and sends them a note which they will receive upon login saying you left
    @spousechat - Allows you to talk with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend
    @getrelationship - Checks if player is in a relationship, and if so with who
    @pvpranking - Shows top 10 pvp players ( Ordered by pvp kills )
    @gm - Sends a to all connected GMS. Only use if you need help from them. Has a 5 minute wait time inbetween use
    @dispose - Disposes your character, allowing you to use npcs again. ( I Implementd something which should reduce the usage of this a lot )
    @emo - Kills yourself
    @expfix - Sets experience to 0; use if you have negative experience
    @cody - Opens job advancing npc
    @kin/@nimakin/@stylist - Opens up the All-In-One styler to change hair, eyes, etc
    @checkme/@checkstats - Checks your current stats
    @go/@goto - Sends you to a map; a list of maps can be found using @maps
    @joinevent - Joins a event if a GM is currently hosting one
    @connected - Shows you the number of clients that are currently connected
    @rebirth/@reborn - Shows you your reborn options
    @rebirthexp - Reborns you as a Explorer
    @rebirthcyg - Reborns you as a Knight of Cygnus
    @rebirtharan - Reborns you as a ARan
    @str/@dex/@luk/@int - Applies AP to stat. Auto-Assign works aswell
    @cloneself - Used by the Ninja Occupation to make a clone of themselves ( Can only have one clone at a time )

What I'm working on:
Shops for Currnecy / Jump Quest / VotePoints
Fix PlayerNPCS
Fix Engagement Rings ( Trying; Probably like 10% chance of getting them to work. )
Edit xmls for maps like starter quests to make it so you can't leave.
can't think of other stuff

That's all I can remember off the top of my head.
If u have any suggestions feel free to post...

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Server Updates
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