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PostSubject: [Format/Rules]   7/30/2010, 8:34 pm

All reports of hackers must be done in this format. :

Quote :
Reason :
Proof :

'Reason' Explanations .
[Harassment] - Stalking, bothering, flaming, KSing.


[Scam] - c).If you drop an item in the middle of FM or any public map, it's not scam. It's 'fair game'. Now if you don't want to get scammed then ask a GM to watch over your trade. Scam would be, the trading of items where one person does not get what was promised in return for theirs.


[Impersonators] - d). Get a screenshot of them, upload them onto any of these sites :
And get the link that has the '[img]' code. Also include your chat with them.


[Hacking] - e). If you do not report your friend that's a hacker. The hacks listed below are bannable :

  • Vac Hack
- Player is stationary, all items will be looted.
  • Damage Hack
- High damage, unexplainable.
  • Delay Hack
- Attacking without stopping.
  • Fly Hack
- Flying in the air, without flashjumping.
  • Swim Hack
- Swimming in a map, except for anywhere near aquarium .
  • God Mode
- Does not get hit, does not die .
  • Sit Anywhere
- Let's player sit anywhere without a chair .
  • Fast animation
- Body and animation move very fast .
  • No Breath
- Attack and does not breath .
  • Walk Fast
- Speed Hack in other words , moves very fast .
  • Super Climb
- Climbing up ladders fast .
  • Instant Drop
- Drops item to the ground instantaneously .



[Advertising] - f). Making a server, telling a friend to join it, talking about other servers, immediate ban. No unbans for this, whatsoever.


[Packet Edits] - e). No.


Proof Rules
-Must either be a ScreenShot or, a Video uploaded to Youtube.
-For hacks that are too fast to see (e.g) fast animation, walk fast, superclimb, no breath : MUST be a video.
-All posts without a proof/evidence will be deleted/lock.

-Do not crop the evidence/proof. Leave it the way it is.

Sites you can upload pictures onto.
[Click here for Photobucket]
[Click here for TinyPic]

For video uploads you can get fraps and Upload them onto
[Click here to download Fraps]
[Click here for Youtube]

You must sign up for these sites to be able to upload and etc .
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