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 [Guide] How to use your signatures!

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PostSubject: [Guide] How to use your signatures!   7/6/2011, 2:49 pm

First of all, Click on Info .

Next, click on preferences .

Then, click on 'Always attach my signature' . Press Yes .

Press 'Save' .

Then go to, 'Signature' .

Then go down to the area to put your image code .

Find an [IMG] Code . (It's highlighted in grey to show you what it'll show as)

Then paste it in the white area of this :

Then click 'Save' .

Now it should work! Good Job!

Note : If this did not work for you, You're either mentally retarded . (: Or you fail at following instructions .

To [Astray]/Kavin, making the guide + Taking the snips .

Me without you is like..
A pothead who's not high.
A plane that doesn't fly.
A suicidal thought that doesn't die.
A fat man with no boobs.
A hooker with no luck.
A hoe that doesn't suck.
A slut that doesn't F*ck.
A shoe with no laces.
A nerd without braces.
A G_y guy without style.
A heart without a beat.
I love you.
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[Guide] How to use your signatures!
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